Credit Portfolio Management

The commercial real estate financing portfolio acquired by us will be managed in line with long-term business interests and with the aim of facilitating the continuation of the debtor’s activities within reasonable limits. Our aim is to restructure and effectively collect non-performing receivables to be managed by us and to create an environment in which recovery can be achieved from ordinary business activities without foreclosing the collaterals. As and when required, we shall also rely on our real estate management competences to co-operate with the debtor company and to adjust the utilisation of the financed property to the changed market demand. The purpose of successful restructuring is to make financing more favourable and facilitate the continuation of the debtor’s operation. If the debt cannot be restructured due to the debtor’s business activity, the owners’ capital position or the features of the collateral, we will develop a workout strategy taking into account all circumstances. Preference will be given to foreclosure in co-operation with the debtor company. If a debtor does not wish to co-operate with us, we will try to gain control over the collateral items in order to sell them as quickly as possible. If the highest reasonable price cannot be obtained on the market due to an inappropriate technical state, legal status of the assets forming the collateral structure or any other condition, we shall seek to acquire the ownership title to such properties in order to maximise the proceeds from their utilisation with the help of our property management skills.