Our mission

The Central Bank of Hungary established MARK Magyar Reorganizációs és Követeléskezelő Zrt. (MARK Hungarian Restructuring and Debt Management Private Company Limited by Shares, MARK Ltd.) in November 2014 with the aim of reducing risks inherent in the Hungarian financial system and enhancing lending willingness and capacity through the purification of bank portfolios in order to insure that the banking system can contribute to Hungary’s sustainable economic growth more effectively than at present.

Our mission is to provide an exemplary solution to the situation that has evolved as a result of the previous years’ economic depression and the irresponsible financial practices applied before the crisis. Our responsibility is to make sure that the vast majority of large, non-performing property loans can be removed from the domestic bank portfolios and the collaterals covering them can be utilised at an acceptable rate.

In the course of our operation we strive for the utmost transparency, fairness, and equity. This is how we intend to find and maintain our market position. We choose modern forms of operation that are most appropriate in a sustainable world.

We take responsibility for the most efficient utilisation of the properties entrusted to us, and we feel responsible for the market operators, our colleagues, and our environment. Our performance is based on continuous progress, therefore, we put special emphasis on creativity and innovation, while cooperation with our partners is also a key to our success. This is another reason why we strive for straightforward dialogue with fellow participants in the banking market as well as with our key clients, i.e. the companies we lend to.